Located in Shanghai, the biggest and busiest port in China, we are ship’s general and technical supplier and ships husbanding agent as well as service provider. We have built over the years many strong relationships with our global customers based on high product quality and reliable service.

In addition to Shanghai, we have reliable partners all over major Chinese ports regarding product supply, repair workshops, service companies and repair yards to assist our principals overall in China during their vessels’ operations.

Additionally, being also a husbanding agent we are constantly in contact with local authorities regarding latest regulations and thus we ensure that our owners are always updated and their vessels voyage operations in China will be as smooth as possible.
By always delivering our high quality stores, especially our tools(most of them made locally)with competitive prices combined with our stable and reliable service, we keep our ship’s crew as well as managers and owners constantly happy.
·Consumables, tools and safety gears etc.
·Mooring ropes of all specifications
·Initial supplies
We supply original, locally manufactured parts for various equipment made in China i.e.
·Engines of various makes and types made under license i.e. MAN L 16/24, 23/30 Wärtsilä RT-flex48T etc.
·Sewage treatment system
·Auxiliary and exhaust gas boilers
·Workboat etc.
We supply equipment fully made in China i.e.
·Anchor chains
·Bathroom unit
Shanghai is the largest and busiest commercial port in China. Huge traffic of ships daily carry cargo operations here and its surrounding area. There are also many shipyard facilities for repair and dry docking. During whatever their missions of the vessels here, we steadfastly deliver to our principals an excellent husbanding service. Diligently executing all requested job, caring for all details, keeping in mind always owners’ urgency is our own urgency. i.e.
·Crew change
·Spare parts delivery and customs clearance
·Bunker arrangement
·Port Clearance
·Pilot and tug arrangement etc.
·Furthermore we also assist our principals to double check and verify many matters of their doubts and questions regarding local regulations, authorities, charterers, their agents, and cargo operation etc.

In all matters requested we always ensure that our customers will get a swift feedback and prompt response.
In order to ensure our clients’ interests are well taken care of throughout their vessels ports of call in China, we partner and cooperate with the best agents in major ports in China to deliver a seamless, stable and reliable service to our customers unaffected by the geographical locations of their vessels in China.
We organize various voyage repairs and services for the vessels i.e.

·Maintenance and refill of fire extinguisher bottles
·Maintenance and refill of oxygen bottles
·Load test for cranes
·Load test gangways
·Underwater hull cleaning
·Refrigeration system leak check and overhaul
·Container cell guides repair
·Cylinder head repair
·Pipe modification
·Stevedore repairs etc.
We act for our principal as a broker for their vessel’s major repairs and dry docking events. We help our customers to find a lay-by berth, a repair berth, a dry dock from small to big voyage repair up to fill dry docking repairs.

Through our extensive network with numerous ship repair yards in China, we are able to offer our principals competitive quotes from the most suitable yards for their purpose. If requested, we also offer our on site support and also technical and commercial consulting service.
KC ShipServ Ltd. Your Dedicated Partner in China
Rm 201 No. 1 Building, No. 2361 Yangshupu Road, Shanghai, 200090 China
Email: info@kc-ship.net, qianliju@kc-ship.net
Fax: +86-21-351 213 78
Mob(China): +86-13901761982
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